Choosing A Builder

Faraday Homes Guide on how to choose the right Builder

Choosing the right builder isn’t as difficult as you may think especially if you follow these basic steps:
1. Are they a registered builder in Victoria? How long have they had their Builders Licence for? Ask for their DBU Building Licence details.
2. Do they have Construction and Home Warranty Insurance in place? a. Many builders will not have the capability / financial support to get approvals for Home Warranty Insurance for the more expensive homes. circle-logo
Are they associated / members with H.I.A or Master Builders, (Industry associations) and how long for?
4. Research your builder: Do they have a clear building record?
5. Do they have testimonials from their clients praising their work?
6. Does your selected Melbourne Builder have longevity in the building industry? a. This is very critical as this proves their ability to run a successful business as well as prove their capability of building a quality home.
7. Do they have a portfolio to showcase their past work? a. This will allow you to determine if they have the capability and proven track record to build your style of home. And NO not all homes are the same, there are easy homes to build and then there are MORE difficult homes to build.
8. Organise to have an introductory meeting with your builder, allowing you to determine if  you feel comfortable with him or her.
a. It is critical that you feel comfortable to ask any question that you may feel is important, and remember your builder is there to assist you with all your construction needs.
b. It is also just as important that your Builder is asking you the right questions too. This will demonstrate his experience and knowledge not to mention his understanding of your project needs. This will ensure that your specific needs are being met for you and your family’s new home or Investment home.
9. Will that person be your main contact during your design / quoting and Construction phase?
a. Dealing with same person from the beginning to end not to mention your Warranty Period will make the whole process that much easier for you. The last thing you  want is to feel comfortable with your selected builder during the Design and Quoting  phase then having to deal with someone else during construction.
10. Is your Builder treating your project requirements as though it’s just another house to build or are they treating it as it should be?
a. We all know that building a new home will be one of the largest financial Investments you may ever be involved with, not to mention your Dream home or investment that requires their full attention.
11. Ensure the quote you receive is fully detailed highlighting all the Inclusions and details that are required to complete your home. To name a few:
a. Allowances for Tiles / Carpet / Floor boards / Bricks.
b. Selected items such as Tap ware / Sinks / Doors / Door Handles / Ovens / Range
c. Specific details of Stair Cases / Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets / Amount of Coats for d. It is just as important to have the items that are NOT included to avoid any hoods / Dish Washers. Painting / Timber frame Stud Opening sizes / Steel Lintels with brick work above Windows.  disappointment during the building phase. This will allow you to make an informed decision.
12. When it’s time for signing your contract, Insist on using the H.I.A or Master Builders “New Homes Contract”, which has been approved by the Director of Fair Trading and Business Affairs based on the Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995.