Home Automation

Faraday Homes have been utilising Smart Technologies in our homes for decades and we have incorporated technology ranging from: Alarm Systems with back to base monitoring / CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) comprising of Cameras, recorders and displays / Smart Lighting Control incorporating Clipsal C-Bus systems / Curtain Control / Heating and cooling control / Water Feature Control / Sprinkler automation systems.

With all this technology listed above having the ability of being controlled remotely from anywhere in the world via your Smart Phone, Tablet or PC.  

Another great Home Automation feature is to have all your devises such as Blu Ray / DVD  Players / Foxtell / Media Centre / Apple TV / Google Chrome / CCTV recorders all placed in one central convenient location and viewed on all smart TV’s throughout your home either at the same time watching the same Movie / TV Show or watching different programs from different devices separate to each TV.  All conveniently controlling your TV’s and devices via your Smart Phone, Tablet or PC, eliminating the need for so many different remote controls.  

One of our preferred systems to use for controlling these devises is PUSH which we believe is one of the most intuitive, affordable and scalable control systems on the market today. With one simple control, you have the ability to master virtually any device system or appliance.

Lest we forget is sound, our favourite past time listening to music or radio throughout your home. Which can be zoned to individual rooms with the ability to listen to your ITunes collection / Pandora / spotify / google play / apple music and digital radio to name a few. 

We have wired and installed technology to cater for fully automated homes through to small installs to cater for feature lighting, sound systems or theatre rooms. It’s never too small to have that little bit of extra, to make life that little bit easier…