Sloping Block

We at Faraday Homes believe that building homes on a sloping block, when designed and built with quality can end up being some of the most spectacular looking homes, not only from the external facade point of view but also internally, especially when you can take advantage of surrounding views with split level floors and levels with high ceilings.

Yes, we have built on many challenging sloping blocks, and it takes a very experienced Builder with specialised skills like Faraday Homes to be able to build a house on a sloping block.  And due to our ever increasing experience we can offer allot of insight in the design and build process of your new home. There are many extra things to consider when building on a Sloping Block from Health and Safety issues to restricted site access to specific soil conditions. On the other hand by designing the home the right way you can minimise site cuts and excavation costs while allowing very innovative design ideas with split level floors and high Ceilings.